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Book Release : Date 18th March 2024,

Become Irresistible! Elevate your marriage spark.

(Practical tiny acts that causes the BIG positive change in your marriage).

A perfect guide for Couples married for decades or a few days..

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“In Pursuit of Oneness” is a practical guide for couples seeking to fall deeper in love with each other in their marriage relationship.

The Author draws from her marriage experience of over a decade and her work with couples globally.

She offers you: weekly irresistible tips to spice up your Union and emphasises the importance of consistency in applying these tips to cultivate a lasting marriage .

This book is valuable for intentional and busy couples aiming to foster oneness in their marriage without breaking the bank.

Complaining, criticising and comparing your spouse may not have worked. Try these practical tips and watch your spouse chase after you.

Despite your busy schedule or responsibilities, you can become more attractive to your spouse everyday.

Praise for "In pursuit of oneness"

This book is a perfect all-year-round guide to infusing, restoring love, respect and companionship for couples in marriage.

It is extremely insightful and I see a physical, mentality and spiritual connection for spouses who decide to be deliberate with this book.
Darlington Okasia Senior Network Consultant ūüďćManitoba, Canada
This book clearly speaks to you as a person; your actions, growth and development. This book is about you; the daily steps you can take to be a better person for you and how it impacts your Spouse. This is the first step towards achieving oneness.

If we pay a little more attention to it like we do our jobs, we will begin to see changes. Marriage is WORK! Part of that work requires that you MUST be intentional about everything. Intentionality is the daily investments you make to be a better person.
Dolly Ohanyere HR Professional & Lead Coach- The Healthy Marriage Hub ūüďćLagos, Nigeria.
Reading through the pages felt like having a heart-to-heart conversation with a trusted friend who genuinely cares about my happiness. This book is giving me life! The language is clear and accessible, making it perfect for couples at any stage of their journey together.
With its focus on fostering affection and intimacy, "In Pursuit of Oneness" reminded me that love is not just about grand gestures, but also about the little moments of connection that makes life together truly fulfilling. This book is sure to reignite the spark in your relationship and bring you and your spouse closer than ever before.
Atinuke Solanke Transformational Coach ūüďćHouston, Texas

About the Author

Fejiro Adaka, a Lighthouse in every sense of the word. Fondly called MrzSparkles, she’s a seasoned relationship and emotional intelligence coach who blends emotional intelligence, NLP techniques, life coaching tools, and scriptural insights to enhance both personal (dating and marriage) and professional (workplace) connections.

She has been married for over a decade to her husband whom she calls ‚ÄúSparkles‚ÄĚ, and a present mother of two boys. To know more and work with her, visit

Book Release : Date 18th, March 2024