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Love Accelerator BootCamp

Enjoy 25% Early-bird fee only valid
(till 12midnight, 16th January 2024)

Equip yourself with the right mindset to ; understand and elevate your personal life, attract quality and meaningful relationships that ultimately fosters your ability to start and sustain a dating relationship that leads to marriage.

2 – 4, February 2024



By the end of Day 3, you will be able to;


✔️ Unlock the secret to your behaviour and unleash your authentic self with unshakeable confidence.


✔️ Heal from past hurt and release yourself from limiting beliefs that has chained you to; dating with doubt, marriage fears and negative dating patterns you maybe unaware of.


✔️ Embrace empowering beliefs and mindset that helps your growth and progress with finding love that leads to a lasting partnership.


✔️ Gain unusual insights into the world of men/women better, and set boundaries that promotes your emotional wellbeing.


✔️ Effortlessly attract the man/woman that aligns with your vision and life’s purpose.