Hi, I’m Fejiro Adaka
a.k.a MrzSparkles

I help ambitious business and career professionals transform their minds and elevate their love life so that they can enjoy a fulfilling marriage relationship.

Like I would always say- “Life is One, maximize it”


Fejiro Adaka, (who is fondly called MrzSparkles), is a radiant lighthouse.  Every encounter with her leaves you with profound wisdom and practical insights that fosters your emotional and professional relationships so that you become a more productive and fulfilled version of yourself. 


She is a Chartered Accountant with over 12 years experience in the Finance Industry, a Certified Relationship and Emotional Intelligence Coach and the founder of Carfel Solutions through which She and her team are dedicated to empowering Business and Career Professionals to build and sustain robust relationship foundations that promote their personal bliss and increase their productivity.


She is also a Family Life Practitioner and the Founder of The Ask MrzSparkles Academy, where She is wholeheartedly building a Tribe of Enlightened & Equipped Singles, Sparkling Couples and harmonized Families through which she believes Nations will be transformed. She is driven by the strong desire to live a purpose-centered life of impact and influence while promoting peace across Nations.


She is an Associate of the Network of Family Systems Engineering and a member of The Institute of Family Life Association of America. She is happily married to her Husband of 10 years who She calls Sparkles and together they are blessed with 2 amazing boys.

When She is not wearing any of the various hats above, you will definitely catch her with her Family and Close friends  either having fun, dancing or building long lasting memories.

What qualifies me to offer help to you?

You may be wondering.
What qualifies me to offer help to you. 

Would you believe if I told you that I cried so much in the early years of my marriage because I did not know how to manage my expectations? In fact, communicating with my Husband without a conflict was mostly impossible? 

Permit me to be vulnerable a little – I am a lover girl and when I got married in 2014, all I wanted was to hold the hands of my Spouse everywhere we went singing and dancing to the tune of our favorite music. My reality was far from this. Sparkles like I call Him wanted me to be happy, I also wanted the same for him but we just didn’t know how best to bring our dreams to manifestation.

We spoke so often but barely heard ourselves. You can imagine this affected various other aspects of our marriage as well as our personal lives.

Thanks to Wisdom, all that is history now.

We have come a long way and still on this blissful journey.

So Yes! I know it can be hard,  and this makes you feel stressed, tired, disappointed and even frustrated. The good news is that your story can change and this is why I have committed myself to being The Young Wife’s Coach so that I can help you build and maintain a solid foundation and experience an exciting, fun-filled journey in marriage. 

Not only have I helped myself, I have been able to help other Young Wives like you, by showing up to share my gift with the World. I see marital issues from a place of empathy and commit my energy to seeing you experience growth and a progressive transformation.

I have said so much right? 

I know!. 

Enough of me for now. Your story is more important and your happiness is what truly gives me fulfillment.

From my experience working with Young Wives, I have seen that some of us lack an understanding of who we are and what we truly want. Society pushes some to jump into marriage without having an in-depth understanding of what they are getting themselves into.

If this is you, start with my book below. I had you in mind while writing this book.

It’s totally free, but see it as my investment in your marriage and a gift from me to you.

If you wish to thank me for this, do leave me a love note after reading through.



Be amazing

Grab my Free book to stop making these mistakes in marriage!

– No bride walks down the aisle with the intention to have a failed marriage.

– Love may have been a fundamental aspect at the beginning, but it is not sufficient to sustain the foundation of marriage.

– Once you understand your uniqueness and own your happiness, you are best positioned to build a love lasting relationship with your Partner.

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