The Ultimate Blueprint to Marital Bliss- Even with your differences

Strictly for NewlyWeds and Young Wives (Married 0-7years)

In this Webinar on “The Ultimate Blueprint to Marital Bliss- Even with your differences”, you will Learn:

In a nutshell, you will get the practical roadmap for building systems and structures that help you connect more with your Spouse and build a fun-filled marriage.

This class is specially designed for you only if :

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Fejiro Adaka, fondly called MrzSparkles.

I am a Relationship & Marriage Coach and a Family Life Practitioner who also derives pleasure from helping devoted Newly Weds and Young Wives navigate through the early years of marriage so that they can become a happier version of themselves while enjoying marital bliss with their Spouse.

Over the years, I have helped committed Young Wives like you build effective communication skills, intimacy and genuine friendship with their Spouse through my tested and proven methodologies so that they can connect with their Spouse on a deeper level.

It will be a mistake to sleep on this opportunity, do sign up and prepare to be in class.

I cannot wait to share with you the practicable steps I have used in helping my clients alongside the secrets I adopted in navigating my marriage over the past 7years.

If you are serious about kick-starting your journey to marital bliss, then this is a webinar you do not want to miss.

Wondering if this Session will be worth your time? See what Clients who attended my past Webinar had to say......

Okay, I am ready.

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